Photo shoot baby Austin TX | Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina can help you capture your growing family. It’s hard to believe that your baby is one week old already! As a mom, you’re trying to enjoy every moment by dedicating more time with them, and you don’t want the days to end. At this point, it may feel like everything has been photographed for the first time – from getting home from the hospital with all those visitors, family coming over for their first meeting, or even the big reveal after they were born. One thing that you probably haven’t had taken yet is a newborn baby photoshoot session with an experienced photographer like Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina.

1.Why hiring an experienced newborn photography studio for newborn baby photos is important?

Photo Shoot Baby Austin TX
photo shoot baby austin tx

Parents have a short period of time where their baby’s are flexible and able to sleep thru poses. But it can be difficult for parents to get them into poses safely for a photo. A professional photographer Certified in Newborn Safety Posing keeps a baby’s safety in the forefront above all else for a photo. Baby’s comfort is always the priority!!

Using an inexperienced photographer can be dangerous for your little bundle of joy. You wouldn’t allow an inexperienced doctor to handle your newborn ‘s first checkup. Why allow an inexperienced photographer to pose your precious baby? Click Here for more

2.When is the best time to have Newborn photos taken?

Babies are not born with the ability to hold a pose. This is due to their muscles being weak and underdeveloped until two months of age. Therefore professional photographers schedule newborn photo sessions between 1-14 days old for best results. A newborn baby is most flexible in its first 14 days. Schedule a newborn photoshoot early to be sure the photographer’s schedule has an opening, so you don’t have to settle for someone less qualified.

3.Hire someone who specializes in newborn photography

austin family photographer - Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina
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They will have stunning outfits, props, and backdrops to use for capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments in your family’s story for generations to admire!! They will know the safest and best positions to keep your baby snuggly, sleeping, or just plain happy! And they will have all the experience with posing babies so when you see your images, it will be exactly what you imagined for this precious time in your family’s life.

4.How do I schedule a newborn photoshoot? | Photo Shoot Baby Austin TX

Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina is a professional newborn baby photography studio specializing in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina accepts online inquiries for custom sessions and enjoys helping parents create lasting memories with newborn baby photos after your baby’s first week home. Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina is a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America, which promotes safe handling techniques and supports excellence in professional photography. To schedule your newborn photo session click here for more info.

5.How should you prepare for a baby photoshoot appointment?

Photo Shoot Baby Austin TX | Zesty Orange Photography by Olesya Redina

Professional photographers will have everything needed for a newborn baby session at their studio. From diapers, heated wet wipes, props, and outfits to area for parents to relax and enjoy a beverage and snack bar. A newborn baby photo session should give parents a time out while picking up some tips for putting the baby to sleep. As you watch the photographer work with the baby you will want to hire them as a nanny. Their soothing touch and sweet whispers are sure to calm your bundle of joy.

6.Can I use my own props for a newborn photo shoot?

Professional photographers have a variety of props and backdrops for newborn baby photography. Many experienced photographers also work in the areas where they can borrow items from family and friends when booking their sessions. It’s always best to discuss your photos with the photographer first before purchasing any props or outfits.

7.How long before the session should I feed my baby?

The best time to feed your baby is 1-2 hours before a photoshoot. Feeding your baby immediately prior to photos can cause gas, and reflux will inhibit posing options for the photographer. The more sleepy and relaxed you allow your baby to be prior to the photo session, the more poses you will have for one of a kind newborn photos!!

8.What kind of newborn baby pictures?

If you have any special outfits or props you’d like to be used in your baby’s photoshoot please inform the photographer ahead of time. Some items may not be appropriate for newborn posing.

When your child is born, you want to remember those precious moments for a lifetime. A professional photographer (newborn photography Austin) can help preserve the memories of these first few days with amazing photos that will be cherished by generations to come. If you are expecting and would like more information about our newborn baby photographer packages or how we will work together – contact us today by clicking link below.  With over 8 years of experience photographing newborns in Austin Texas, we have an extensive portfolio of beautiful pictures documenting this special time in your family’s life. Contact us now and let’s get started planning for a photo session for your baby!!  CLICK HERE to see how we can help.  Photo Shoot Baby Austin TX



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