As a baby photographer in Austin, my goal is to capture your newborn’s true self and the incredible miracle of their new life. But my newborn portraits do not only show their innocent faces, and overall cuteness, they are also a reflection of your family’s story, heritage, and future.

The newborn phase is such an amazing time and it always seems to race by too quickly. Capturing your baby is a wonderful gift not only for your family but also for your child showing them, how much they are loved, waited for, and cherished!

To showcase the importance of newborn photos we have asked one beautiful mama about her pregnancy story, motherhood, and what advice she would give expecting moms:

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Please tell us about your family story! Is this your first child?

“This is our first biological child and a HUGE surprise. We adopted our first two kids (a brother and sister) from foster care a few years ago and assumed our family was complete. Then SURPRISE! At 38 years old, I got pregnant for the first time! Our first two kids have the names given to them by their biological parents (and both of their names start with the letter B). So, as part of being intentional in our growing family, we decided to name this new baby with a B name too! We want all 3 kids to know how much they are loved, no matter the way they became a part of our family.”

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How would you describe your pregnancy journey? Have you had any surprises (good or bad)?

“We have been constantly in awe of the fact that we are pregnant. For me, it’s been a fairly “easy” pregnancy physically (even though I had to have surgery in my 2nd trimester right as Covid started shutting society down!). Of course, it feels like the world is burning down around us right now. With everyone’s lives being put on hold (school canceled, shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, working from home) it’s been interesting, and sometimes emotionally taxing, navigating pregnancy when we can’t have our friends and family celebrate with us in person very much.”

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What do you like to imagine for your child’s future?

“A life of adventure! I want all my kids to pursue their passions, travel the world, and not be afraid to take risks or trying something new or different, no matter what other people may say.”


What would you like your baby to know about YOU (their beautiful mama!)?

“That I am so honored that God wasn’t done with our story yet and He gifted us a precious little boy to make us a family of 5.”

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Is there an encouraging message you would like to share with other expecting mothers?

“I want other women to know that you can be a great mom and still pursue your passion and calling. It may not always be done at the same time but is it possible to love our kids well and show up for our own lives and that by doing that, we are living by example and teaching our kids valuable lessons for their own lives and futures.”

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Why are beautiful photos of your baby important to you?

“I have always loved having family photos taken over the years. I grew up with the Olan Mills yearly church family photos! So, part of it is tradition. But I also love documenting life. When we were placed with our first two kids, life was hectic. It was hard going from zero to 2 kids overnight, no maternity leave, etc. While we did have family photos taken several months later, I have always regretted not taking pictures of the kids at the very beginning of knowing them.”


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In case we haven’t met already, I’m Olesya Redina of Zesty Orange Photography – premier baby photographer in Austin, Texas. With over 8 years in business, I have had the pleasure of photographing many newborns in my full-service photo studio in Austin.

I would love to talk to you about your journey and how we could capture your memories.

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