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The Beauty of Your Changing Body - Austin Maternity Photographer
To call it a magical time seems such an understatement, We go the extra mile to create an experience to leave you feeling beautiful and pampered. Austin Maternity Photographer
Austin Maternity Photographer in-studio session in white dress
austin maternity photographer in-studio session in white dress
Austin Maternity Photographer on location session in white dress
austin maternity photographer on-location session in white dress - austin maternity photographers
Austin Maternity Photographer Session
austin maternity photographers in-studio session in white dress austin maternity photographers
Best time for maternity photography?
What week should I do maternity photos?
Which month is best for a maternity photoshoot?
Typically scheduled between your 24th and 28th weeks, our maternity sessions feature complimentary hair, makeup, and maternity wardrobe.
There is no better way to celebrate the changes ahead for your family and your nice round tummy deserves to be captured in all its glory. Choose from in-studio or on location in Austin TX – it’s really all about you, and less about us.
At this truly special time, our experts will make sure you’ll be stunning.
Reach out to schedule your session. We book up fast, often 2-3 months out!
What to wear
What is the best color to wear for maternity pictures?
We offer a maternity studio wardrobe that compliments the feel you are wanting.
We have beautiful drapey gowns that cover your feet, which will accentuate your belly beautifully.
We also offer colored tops and skirts for a more colorful look, fabrics and crop tops for implied nudity and tops with a little more coverage for those who want.
What if I have my own clothing?
We are happy to work with the wardrobe you love! We do recommend avoiding large buttons, zippers, or button-down shirts as they tend to not photograph well but we'd be glad to help you determine what looks best on camera.
99% of our clients choose white! Our modest gowns are gorgeous and flattering to all body types.
Austin Maternity Photographer using draped fabric
austin maternity photographer using draped fabric
Austin Maternity Photographer session black and white
austin maternity photographer session black and white
Austin Maternity Photographer session draped fabric look
austin maternity photographer session draped fabric look
Austin Maternity Photographer in-studio session
austin maternity photographer in-studio session
Austin Maternity Photographer
Maternity photography in Austin, TX specializes in capturing beautifully. Women are captured in the most flattering lighting, poses, and flattering angles. The most comfortable vibe is felt at home and outdoor locations can have you feeling more adventurous.
Professional Maternity Photographer in Austin TX can tailor a woman's style, personality, style, and style, depending on the mood, mood, and location to capture perfect pictures of her growing belly.
The best place to get the best possible outcome in documenting your pregnancy is the perfect setting for maternity photos in Austin TX.
Studios offer maternity photos with a sleek and elegant look, while outdoor locations offer adventurous, elegant, and relaxed vibes to the mom and new mother-to-be.
Ways to document your life's biggest moments
There are a variety of ways to document the last few weeks, including a maternity photo session with a family picture that can be added to your home. Maternity portraits provide you with an opportunity to have beautifully captured photos of your pregnancy as well as in them.
Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman's life when she falls in love with her baby. Maternity photography allows you to capture a special time and also creates a memory that will last forever for your family.
Maternity Photographer specializes in pregnancy pictures that show the beauty and grace of pregnancy. The images have been taken to capture a moment in time that will last forever.
In order to get these wonderful pictures, you should find a professional photographer who specializes in maternity photos and understands how they can make your pregnant body look good!
Best Maternity Photographers in austin texas
The best Maternity Photographer in Austin TX are experts at capturing the most beautiful pregnant women in the world. They are specifically trained to pose, position, and utilize lighting to capture your pregnancy from every aspect.
They will put you at ease and work with you so that you can feel comfortable and relaxed during your maternity photography session. You will be able to laugh and have fun while getting some of the most beautiful pictures of your life taken.
In-studio or outdoor for maternity sessions in austin texas | Austin Maternity Photographer
There are a few different types of maternity photography available for mothers-to-be. An outdoor photoshoot in Austin TX is a popular choice because it offers an opportunity to capture stunning images with some unique backgrounds and colors.
Maternity photographers will look for outdoor locations that allow them to utilize specific items like large trees, wall art, benches, and items that can be used for a variety of shots.
These are just some examples of what an outdoor maternity photoshoot might include.
The other option is in-studio or indoor maternity photography which requires less travel time and allows mom to get comfortable in front of the camera.
This type of shoot will usually last a bit longer than outdoors and allow for more variety of pictures.
One of the most important things to remember about these in-studio shoots is that you don't have to feel pressured into taking photos from awkward angles or uncomfortable positions. You can tell your maternity photographer what poses you like, and they will work with you to capture them.

Austin Newborn Photographer
For a consistent look in maternity, newborn photography and baby photographer, gorgeous images, and professional photos of your baby, choose a professional Newborn Photographer in austin texas.
The experienced newborn photoshoot will be able to capture the first look of your little bundle of joy in beautiful images. They can also help you create an album that you will cherish forever during your daily family's life.
Testimonials about Austin Maternity Photographer
"Olesya was super sweet, friendly, and professional. She worked well with us to get the perfect shots and covered all of our requested photo ideas for our maternity pictures!"
"Overall it was a great experience working with Olesya! My husband was hesitant at first but once we started going he enjoyed it too. I would recommend this for anyone considering a maternity shoot. Olesya is easy-going and fun to work with!"
"Olesya from Zesty Orange Photography is Austin Maternity Photographer was incredibly responsive from the minute I contacted her. She was very flexible with my unique schedule and worked hard to get our newborn session done in time for Christmas.
They came out looking great! She photographed everything to my baby tiniest details! ​We also had a maternity shoot with her and she had so many great ideas for poses. She made it easy to get natural shots!
"My session was one of the most exciting times of my life and she captured them beautifully. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a creative photographer who can 'get your family ' in front of the camera." - Jacqueline S.
"She was very professional and patient with my 3-year daughter who can be a handful during pictures, but she got some great shots of her! I loved all the different angles and poses she had us try. Olesya is Austin Maternity Photographer and amazing with children" - Kody P.
More information
Ask me if you have any questions about photography session rates, locations, or if you need any more help. Please fill out the information below with details about what services you are looking for. My studio is located in Austin TX, in Cedar Park, Austin, and I can travel to Austin.
I do both indoor and outdoor photography and can visit many of my favorite locations in the area, such as Westlake, Lakeway, Lago Vista, Spanish Oaks, Bee Caves, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock, and Crystal Falls.
Check out my FAQ to keep up with your questions, but otherwise, I will be in touch with you (and your family) soon.
Servicing locations and surrounding areas | Austin Maternity Photographer
Where can I take maternity photos in Austin?
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What month should I do maternity photos?

Typically scheduled between your 24 and 28 weeks for best results. Our maternity sessions feature complimentary hair, makeup, and maternity wardrobe.
There is no better way to celebrate the changes ahead for your family and your nice round tummy deserves to be captured in all its glory. Choose from in-studio or on location in Austin TX – it’s really all about you, and less about us.

How much do professional maternity photos cost?

Maternity sessions start at $290 for the session fee and the overall cost depends on how many images you will love and how you would want to display your images. Our clients love heirloom archival products such as wall art, albums, and collections.

What should I wear for a maternity photoshoot?
Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.
The bare minimum is a loose dress/tunic and leggings. I don't think it's necessary to say that the outfit should be in the color of your choice, but I'll tell you anyway.
Long gowns are great for maternity sessions because they're oh-so-comfortable and they won't expose your belly in an unflattering way (like some dresses would). Plus, these vintage numbers will give your photos a magical touch.
Maxi dresses are another great choice for maternity sessions, especially if you want to go for boho vibes.
Trench coat dresses are incredibly flattering. If you want to go with an elegant look, try a white one. And if you prefer something more casual, then pick it in black or gray color.
I love lace dresses for maternity sessions because they're romantic and feminine. Plus, there are so many different kinds of lace, so you can find one in any color you like.
Just like maxi dresses, maxi skirts are very comfortable and stylish. They're also pretty versatile (you can wear them with anything).
For a more casual vibe, I think jerseys and jeans are the best. As always, remember to keep your outfit in the color of your choice.
Maxi dresses made from white t-shirts are very popular nowadays. And it's not hard to see why. They're cute, comfortable and stylish.
For a casual look, I love all-season jackets worn with jeans or leggings. If you want to get one of these but don't know which color to pick, then I would go with black. It's classic and it will look great in any photos.
A romper suit is another trend that looks pretty good on pregnant women. To make your outfit more relaxed, pick wide pants or jeans (or even shorts).

Is 36 weeks too late for maternity pictures?

The best time frame for a maternity photo session is around 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, although expecting moms may enjoy a shoot as long as they're pregnant and still have mobility for posing.


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I could not have asked for a better experience!
Olesya was so kind, welcoming and very creative. I was blown away with how my maternity pictures turned out. Highly recommend Zesty Orange Photography.

We shot maternity images,

and they were gorgeous.

The edited images were magical! I loved how fast and friendly everything was and I'm looking forward to when baby comes to have her shoot some of my little girl!

They are SO Beautiful!!! definitely going to recommend you to anyone looking for a maternity photographer!

- Kirsten

- Katelyn

- Shaneen

Highly Recommended Maternity Photographer Austin Texas Cedar Park Leander Round Rock Georgetown Liberty Hill Hutto Jonestown Westlake Lakeway

Typically scheduled between your 24th and 28th weeks. Reach out to schedule your session as soon as possible. We book up fast, often 2-3 months out!

Our maternity sessions feature complementary hair, makeup and access to our maternity wardrobe.

Absolutely! All of our sessions include the whole family.

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